Inspire’s Looking For Future Leaders In Cleantech

Inspire launches a program to educate and empower students and young professionals who aspire to work in cleantech


At the tailend of 2017, we launched Do The Bright Thing; a program to empower future leaders in the cleantech movement. As a B Corp certified and mission-driven company, we intend to make an impact in a number of different ways. After the 2016 Administration change and decision to end the Paris Accord, our mission became even more urgent: we knew there was a serious need for education on cleantech and climate change to push towards a brighter energy future. This idea sparked Do The Bright Thing.

Do The Bright thing was created to accelerate the cleantech industry and career opportunities. We do this in three different ways: fundraising, volunteering, and mentorship. For every new member that joins Inspire, we donate $1 to non-profit organizations aligned with our mission of empowering future leaders in cleantech. The volunteer portion is a hands-on approach to reaching our goal. We focus on participating in various volunteer opportunities designed to better our planet. Do The Bright Thing’s mentorship program, the Cleantech Connect Project, aims to increase the adoption of cleantech by preparing the next generation for careers in the industry. Our goal is to connect participants with professionals in the space—supplying them with the foundational knowledge they need for a successful career.

The Cleantech Connect Project runs for 8 weeks. During this time, mentees meet weekly with their mentors to discuss the industry, career opportunities, and create organic relationships within the cleantech space. Additionally, mentorship pairs work together to create a final presentation that outlines a specific topic. Top participants are selected to present their final presentations at our symposium event held at the end of the program, where all mentors and other cleantech professionals are invited to attend.

We had a total of 20 mentees from all over the U.S. participate in our initial launch—which was celebrated at our first ever Symposium event in our Philadelphia office in May. Our top 2 participants presented their final projects to an audience of over 60 people. The presentations covered the role of renewables in the rebuilding of Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria, and how UX Design influences energy savings. We also welcomed a panel of seasoned cleantech professionals from Inspire, The Green Program, and B Lab to speak on topics and their experiences in the industry. It was a memorable night full of new learnings, thoughtful discussion, and networking opportunities.

Overall we saw some great results:

  • 94% of participants felt more prepared to gain employment within the cleantech industry after participating in our mentorship program
  • 100% of participants stated that they would recommend this program to others
  • 91% of participants said they would participate in the program again
  • One mentee received a job opportunity in cleantech during this program

This is only the beginning. We’re taking learnings from the first round to make our program even better—including finding ways to continue connecting with our mentees beyond the mentorship program.

This year, we’ll be switching coasts and hosting our symposium at our new LA office! We’re looking for eager mentees and mentors for our fall launch.

  • If you’re looking to kickstart your career in cleantech, please apply to be a mentee here.
  • Are you an established professional in cleantech looking to mentor the next generation? Apply to be a mentor here.

If you’re hoping to get involved in other ways, feel free to reach out to the Do The Bright Thing team at and visit our Do The Bright Thing website to learn more.

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