Mapping Out 2018 from the Top of a Mountain

Inspire holds its annual Winter Team Meeting in Utah to reconnect and strategize for 2018


All year, our bicoastal team works hard towards our collective vision of a modern world where every home is a smart home powered by clean energy. Each summer and winter, we hold company-wide meetings to ensure that we are aligned on our goals and prepared to take on a new set of challenges.

Technology is thriving in Philly, with the city ranking #7 on the list of top tech job producers in the country—a key reason why we’ve built our technology and software engineering chops, as well as our salesforce in Philly. On the opposite coast, we are based in Santa Monica, California; a state that's hyper-focused on renewable energy. Together, our two offices are merging technology and clean energy to create something entirely new: a Smart Energy company. This year, we held our 2018 Winter Team Meeting in Eden, Utah at Summit’s Powder Mountain. Summit is known for seeking out entrepreneurs and up and comers from a variety of disciplines. The Summit team is building an environment that encourages people to be vulnerable and thrive. The location inspired us all individually, and also inspired the theme of our meeting. Summit is defined as the highest point of a hill or mountain; for Inspire, we see 2018 as the time for us to ascend our mountain, as we set our sights on the summit.

This year, we are focused on three main goals; Growth, Innovation, and Value. As a startup with aggressive expansion plans, we’ve been hard at work developing tech tools to help homeowners live smarter and more efficiently — and we’re just getting started. This year, we’re continuing to roll out new products and spark conversations about the way we use energy, manage our homes, and our responsibility to our planet.

The challenge? Inspire is doing something that has never been done before. We’re merging two categories that have yet to be successfully combined. We’re uniting the tree huggers and the tech lovers—gathering them on one team to accelerate a brighter, more sustainable future. A difficult task, but as Avengers, we embrace the challenge.

Aside from planning strategically and thinking creatively, we also celebrated our accomplishments and reset our minds. We went skiing and snowshoeing. Some of us skied in Utah for the first time, and some of us skied for the first time, ever. We reconnected and challenged ourselves to work with new people.

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When done right, offsites are known to be a great way to reinforce company culture. They give people the opportunity to share ideas in a casual and safe environment, connect with unfamiliar co-workers, go through a personal development journey with others, and appreciate each other for all we do. Our offsite meetings are a vital part of our culture for all these reasons. We’ve been able to reconnect, reflect on all that we have accomplished so far, and regain focus for the challenges and milestones ahead of us. The fire has been lit within all of us, and we’re more ready than ever to reach our summit.

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