Meet Amina Sekandari: Director of Inspire’s Growing Product Marketing Team

A Q&A session with our Director of Product Marketing about building a new team and bringing innovative products to market


For the past few years, we’ve been focused on developing a customer-centric energy product that delivers on sustainability and efficiency, while rewarding you for doing good. To do this, we’ve taken two separate categories (energy and smart home) and merged them together to create an experience that allows comfort and convenience in the home, without damage to the planet.

Meet Amina Sekandari, Director of Product Marketing, who is tasked with launching our smart energy products. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What drew you to Inspire?

I spent a good portion of my career in the toy industry, managing multi-million dollar brands at Fortune 500 companies and learning a great deal about the product development cycle — including the steps required to go to market. While that was a valuable experience for my career, I began to feel concerned with the sheer number of toys that simply end up in landfills each year. Since most toys are made of plastic, this heightened my concern even further. As I began to evaluate target companies for my next role, Inspire stood out for its strong mission and values. Reading about the company’s history and learning about Patrick, our CEO, and his vision got me really excited to be part of a team that is focused on delivering a great customer experience, while also doing great things for the environment.

Q: Product Marketing is a fairly new team at Inspire; how are you building your team, and what type of skills are you looking for?

Consumer Insights lies at the center of product marketing. We can’t create relevant product or marketing without understanding who our customers are and identifying their pain points in order to deliver targeted solutions. With this as the base goal, we first hired our Consumer Insights Manager to facilitate that research plan and help us capture those insights. As we expand our product offerings, I want to further optimize our customer engagement experience. I am looking to build a world-class team with solid backgrounds in launching consumer products, understanding the customer, and executing our go-to-market strategies, while keeping the customer experience front and center.


Q: What will be the biggest challenge in bringing smart energy to life?

Typically, most consumers don’t think about their energy plans. They just know that when they come home and flip a switch, the light will come on. I believe most Inspire members believe in our vision to promote renewable energy, but that’s just the first step. Once consumers understand that they can choose clean energy, the biggest challenge to me is centered on educating them on the “why” around benefits of smart energy. Understanding how our product and services can add value to our customers lives — either by saving them time and money or by improving their lives and sense of well-being — is critical when you are embarking on unchartered territory. Being able to use less energy, without sacrificing comfort, creates a new experience that customers just aren’t thinking about today — and that’s where our opportunity lies! Ultimately, the cleanest form of energy is the energy you don’t use. Smart energy is such a win-win concept, but because it’s so new, we will need to show people how it can make a positive impact in their lives while also benefiting the environment.

Q: What’s the best part about working at Inspire?

Hands down the best part is the energy of the entire Inspire team, no pun intended. The dedication and commitment to excellence is not only palpable, but it buoys us all towards a common goal. That focus is so refreshing and it helps me understand the importance of my role in the company’s broader vision. One of our core values is “Crush It,” and it is a great representation of how we approach every task as a business. Fifty percent of any activity is just showing up. There are no medals given just for showing up. At Inspire we commit to not only showing up, but giving 110% to whatever we do, and walking away with no regrets. Knowing that you came and you conquered is such an awesome feeling, and it’s a feeling we’re always chasing here!

If you have a knack for finding unique ways to get customers to engage with a product, we want to meet you! See our open Product Marketing positions here.

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