Inspire’s Nepal Trek Part 1: Namaste!

A look at Inspire’s first ever Nepal Trek from our Product Marketing Leader


Namaste! I’m Amina, Director of Product Marketing at Inspire. Recently, I was given an incredible opportunity to travel to Nepal with 11 other Inspire Avengers to bring a meaningful difference to a community in need. This immersive journey not only exposed me to Nepali culture and solar panel construction, but more importantly, it gave me the opportunity to learn about my fellow Avengers. Ready to hear about it?

Tīna (3)....du'ī (2)....Ēka (1).....Let’s go!


As one of the older members of the group, I discovered I was actually the “youngest” in terms of tenure at Inspire. With only 6 months under my belt, I was joining a very tight knit group of dedicated individuals who had been at Inspire for much longer. What better way to get to know them than literally being in the trenches (that we dug!) together? Talk about the ultimate team building exercise! Through blood, sweat, and fortunately no tears, we were able to not only build something tangible that we could step back and admire, but also build stronger bonds (over shared pet peeves) and even better memories (dancing together in the village party).

Memories of working alongside one another drilling, riveting, digging, welding, or transporting impossibly heavy loads taught me more about each Avenger’s character than I would have ever learned by working on spreadsheets together. Gazing up at the constellations as a group, in search of shooting stars (of which I managed to miss every time!) was a great way to recap the day’s activities. While we spent much of our time working as a team, we also enjoyed a little healthy competition during a rafting excursion. Each and every day alongside my fellow Avengers, I was impressed with how genuinely selfless everyone was. Dawson’s awe while taking in the immersive cultural experience, Rebecca’s fearlessness when handling her first circular saw, Seizo’s superhuman strength in digging ditches during the last bit of sunlight, and Greg’s grit when carrying 50 lb bags of cement from one end of the job site to the other. Those are just a few examples that come to mind which demonstrate how 12 unique individuals came together to operate in sync.

There were no arguments, no outbursts and no conflicts - just pure authentic partnership. Regardless of title, tenure or department in the organization, we instantly became one unit committed to the project in front of us. We pushed ourselves hard, and we supported each other when we needed the extra push. This is a testament not only to our corporate mission, but also to the commitment to hiring the right individuals to join this dedicated community.


And I know that our team of 12 Nepal Trekkers aren’t unique in their ability to become a cohesive unit. This skill is built into each Avenger’s DNA. It’s what gets us up in the morning, excited to work on this mission together. It is what allows us to take risks to do the right thing and support each other along the way. I’m grateful to have developed a special bond with my fellow trekkers that will last well beyond this trip—and I’m even more excited to hear the incredible stories from future treks.

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