Unveiling Inspire’s Newest Value

Our values are the heart of our culture, but we decided something was missing...


As Inspire Avengers, we have four main values: Live It, Own It, Study It, and Coach It. These values are the backbone of everything we do, and everything we stand for as a company. For the past few years, our values empowered us to push towards our goals, answer tough questions, take on massive challenges, and reach new heights. Together, we master one or many of these values each day.

As our business continues to rapidly evolve and grow, and our goals and ambitions for the company become larger, we agreed it was the perfect time to introduce a value that aligns to overall performance.

The value? Crush It.

The idea of “Crushing It” has always been a part of Inspire’s culture. It’s a term that was coined directly from our founder: typically used to describe what it feels like when we knock something out of the park and accomplish a massive goal, complete a critical project, or aspire to take on a new challenge. Now, we’re acknowledging and solidifying it as one of our core values.

During our Winter Team Meeting, we spent time together re-evaluating our current values to see if they still made sense for us, and if they were being defined in a way that we could all agree upon. We discussed how we wanted our values to show up in our company, our culture, and in each other. As we talked through how to execute the exercise, ‘Crush It’ came up as a new value that we wanted to take the time to define together. After many discussions and brainstorms, we finalized the definition of our newest value:

Crush it
Avengers have a strong bias towards action. We realize that high performance takes grit and commitment. We are willing to fail in pursuit of audacious goals. We never compromise high standards for the sake of keeping the peace. We are one team. We are determined to win.

We reflected on the times we crushed it, and how crushing it doesn’t necessarily always mean you completely succeeded. Sometimes, you fail to reach a goal — despite this, you still crush the task; whether it is excellent teamwork, leadership, or solving for an entirely different challenge. Perhaps we imagined up a great idea, or took a valuable risk. In these instances, we still have pride in the work we accomplished — we still ‘Crushed It.’

Seeking out Avengers who are equipped with this ‘Crush It’ mindset can only help us reach our massive goals. It is easy to remain stagnant when you’re satisfied with the status quo, or content with “good enough.” However, our Avengers are always pushing past barriers and boundaries; they are unwilling to settle. We intend to use this value to foster an environment that inspires people to think creatively, seek solutions, pivot quickly, and be innovative — that’s what’s most exciting about introducing ‘Crush It’ to our values. If this sounds like you, check out our open positions.

For each value, we highlight an Avenger of the Month. This month, we’re so excited to highlight our first ever Avenger of the Month for ‘Crush It’; stay tuned for more.

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