Introducing The GREEN Program

Fostering our next generation of leaders in sustainability

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At Inspire, we’ve got a big mission: to change the world through business. To achieve it, we’re always looking for those rare companies that aspire to reach similar heights. They don’t often come along, but when they do, it’s a no-brainer for us to work together. The GREEN Program is one such company.

The GREEN Program works to bridge the gap between traditional textbook learning and career advancement to give its selected students unique, real-world work experiences. Not just anyone gets the okay to sign up — The GREEN program specifically looks for students who are looking to push the boundaries and drive lasting social change. Inspire and The GREEN Program are working together to help empower these students so they are better equipped to achieve their goals.

Learning from Green Leaders Abroad

One of the fundamentals of being a GREEN Program student is learning in the field.

Students go abroad to gain insights from local, sustainable movements and apply their principles and learnings back home. They’ve visited places like the volcanic-rich island of Iceland to learn how to integrate geothermal power1 and scaled the high altitudes of Peru to study water management and stewardship.

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Every student enrolled in The GREEN program is tasked with designing and planning a Capstone Project2. These are meant to demonstrate their interdisciplinary skills as they tackle how to solve real-world problems. They’re not easy, but successful Capstone Projects build valuable skills such as public speaking, teamwork, planning, self-sufficiency and marketing. Proficiency in these interdisciplinary skills is in high demand from employers. By including The GREEN Program on their resumes, students are more likely to successfully secure jobs after graduation.

Inspire and The GREEN Program Help Out Students

It makes perfect sense for Inspire to partner with a like-minded, mission-driven company that’s helping to empower our next generation of sustainability movers and shakers.

Through our partnership, Inspire will sponsor international trips that are a part of The GREEN Program’s annual curriculum. We’ll also offer real-world work experience in our Philadelphia and Santa Monica Offices to select program alumni.

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Here’s some insight straight from our friends at The GREEN Program:

How long has The GREEN Program been around?

“The GREEN Program has been enhancing education abroad and providing meaningful travel for university students and young professionals across the globe for seven years. We are extremely invested in our students and believe they will help to shape the future of sustainable development.” — Melissa Lee, Co-founder & CEO

What kind of funding is available to students looking to join The GREEN Program?

“We want to make travel opportunities available to all students, regardless of budget concerns. Our scholarship fund gives low-income students the resources they need to join our program and advance their careers, education and international exposure.” — Brady Halligan, Director of Strategy and Business Development

How do your students benefit from collaborations with companies like Inspire?

“While trips abroad are a core part of our program, collaborating with like-minded organizations like Inspire is vital to our students’ success. We’re able to connect alumni with sustainability-focused companies and give them valuable working experience. It’s a chance to really invest in our younger generation and give back to local communities.” — Brady Halligan, Director of Strategy and Business Development

Why did The GREEN Program decide to work with Inspire?

“After meeting Inspire’s team of Avengers, learning more about its core values and experiencing the ‘secret sauce’ spirit and company culture first-hand, it became clear that this is a perfect match.” — Brady Halligan, Director of Strategy and Business Development

What excites you the most about The GREEN Program and Inspire collaboration?

“It has been our collective dream for underrepresented student leaders who may be struggling financially to gain access to our experiential, career-accelerating programs abroad. Now, in partnership with Inspire, we are able to make this a reality. Collectively, we will amplify our impact by providing The GREEN Program alumni with amazing opportunities that will kickstart their transitions from student leaders to influential professionals. Inspire and The Green Program will be an incredible team that is focused on empowering students to reach unprecedented heights and become the next leaders in sustainability.” — Brady Halligan, Director of Strategy and Business Development



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