Introducing Clean Crafters: Breweries Combating Climate Change

Philadelphia breweries supporting 100% wind energy with Inspire, giving their customers a way to drink (environmentally) responsibly.

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Climate change is adversely affecting some of our planet’s most precious resources: plants, forests, coasts, oceans, waterways, and wildlife. But there is an another, unexpected consequence to a warming planet, one that hits even closer to home than shrinking polar ice caps or the endangerment of species for some — beer. According to recent reports, climate change prevents millions of acres of malt barley from being harvested each year. Unprecedented drought, heat, and ecological changes have caused damaging shifts in the agricultural landscape that is directly responsible for providing brewers their central ingredient necessary for brewing.

But many Philadelphia breweries are doing their part to combat these unsettling realities. Not only do these breweries understand the impact of climate change on their business, they also understand their business’s impact on climate change. Brewing beer is a complex process, one that requires a lot of thermal and electrical energy. In fact, brewing one barrel of beer is like burning 40 pounds of coal.

These breweries understand that there is a way to offset the environmental impact of their high-usage businesses and contribute to Philadelphia’s clean energy goal of 100% clean and renewable energy by 2035. By supporting wind energy with Inspire, they are providing their customers a way to drink environmentally responsibly.

Large-scale breweries such as Budweiser, Sierra Nevada, and MillerCoors have all installed or purchased some type of renewable energy for their facilities. And while it’s a good sign that major industry leaders are setting the national standard, it’s also necessary for the right example to be set at the local level. Microbreweries rarely have the same resources that these monolithic corporations have — hiring energy brokers or installing solar panels isn’t always a possibility — so it’s up to these local brewers to set their own standards for what it means to truly commit to sustainability.

Here are the Philly breweries that are setting those standards, and support wind power with Inspire:

Evil Genius Beer Company
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St. Benjamin Brewing Company
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Great Barn Brewery
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Dock Street Brewery
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Roy Pitz Barrel House
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Fishtown Brewpub
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Fishtown Brewpub
Photos courtesy of Fishtown Brewpub