Inspired by: United by Blue

Inspire and United By Blue, two companies that both intend to have a massive impact on the world.


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Inspire believes that through our connected movement, a more progressive, sustainable future is possible. We’ve built this into the mission that drives our company forward — and into the way we determine our partner organizations. United by Blue (UBB), an Inspire Clean Power Partner, is an incredible illustration of a partnership that allows us to make an even deeper impact on the world and further our connected movement.

United by Blue is a outdoor lifestyle brand that sells sustainable apparel, accessories, and gear that promises the following: for every product sold, UBB removes one pound of trash from our world's oceans and waterways. The company hosts cleanups around the country, where employees and volunteers pick up plastic bottles, tires, appliances, and other pieces of trash that have no place in our natural water systems.


Photo courtesy of United by Blue.

With any successful partnership, there must exist meaningful common ground. Here’s ours: we both intend to have a massive impact on world and assume a global sense of responsibility as it relates to the way we do business. UBB agrees and adds,

“Both United By Blue and Inspire take the extra step to include the community in our sustainability goals. We not only produce an environmentally-friendly alternative product, but we share our mission with the local and national/global community to advocate for a cleaner earth.”

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Our Philly team at a UBB Cleanup on the Delaware River.

With mounting evidence that humans are causing our climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces, it is urgent that companies like Inspire and UBB empower their customers, employees, and followers to take action—whether that’s against an overflow of trash contaminating our streams, lakes, oceans, and rivers, or dirty power sources polluting our air quality and dramatically shifting our atmospheric temperatures. UBB’s team says,

“Our organizations share a common goal, and with that, there is power in numbers. The more individuals and businesses who are able to participate in our sustainability mission, the better off we will all be.”

CleanUp Crew

Our Santa Monica team at a UBB Cleanup on Santa Monica Beach.

So far, United by Blue has removed over 1 million pounds of misplaced trash from our ecosystem and hosted over 200 cleanups. UBB has always emphasized the measurable and hands-on component of this initiative, and Inspire wanted to take part and help do the dirty work ourselves. Inspire recently participated in our second annual United by Blue Cleanup, this time both in our hometown of Philadelphia and our Santa Monica office. Collectively, Inspire collected nearly 4,000 pounds of garbage from the Delaware River and the Pacific Ocean.

United By Blue products can be found online, in more than 300 outlets nationally, and in their stores in Philadelphia and Manhattan.

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