Our Plan To Accelerate the Clean Energy Transition by Earth Day 2019

Inspire pledges to prevent 8.5 million pounds of coal from being burned by Earth Day 2019


Remember the first time you saw that iconic snapshot of earth from space? A beautiful blue marble swirled with grey clouds, long stretches of lush greens and desert brown curiously peeking from beneath. Fortunately, the view from below is just as good from above.

But we shouldn’t take this for granted. With climate change, everyday that passes without action increases the danger to our planet’s overall well-being.

Did you know that carbon emissions are a leading cause of climate change? And the average U.S. household burns more than 8,000 pounds of coal every year, just to power one home? This is equivalent to four tons, which is equivalent to the size of a whale, which is equivalent to three cars running continuously everyday for a year. Shocking, right? And most people don’t know it.

This Earth Month, we set out to discover what consumers really think about clean energy and efficiency, recently conducting a survey of nearly 700 people. Two-thirds of respondents (62%) are interested in clean energy for their homes, and 77% would opt into a monthly flat rate to subscribe to energy—of that, over half would prefer to subscribe to clean energy. Demand for energy and efficiency technologies also ranked high, when compared to products like voice assistants and smart security.

However, traditional energy models have remained complicated for decades—most consumers (79%) don’t even know the price they pay per kWh for their energy each month, or only know the average. Additionally:

  • 55% have received an energy bill that shocked them, and
  • 50% wish they had more control over their energy bill.

Shouldn’t we focus on creating an easier way for consumers to access clean energy, and remove the headache that comes with confusing energy bills?

At Inspire, we’ve developed a new approach that solves a variety of issues regarding energy. We’re removing the mystery that surrounds energy, easing the pathway for every home in America to be powered by clean energy—and even providing options to solve for concerns around bill fluctuations during high usage seasons. Our products have the potential to fundamentally change the way we approach energy, for the better.

With this in mind, we’re setting an ambitious goal: we want to prevent 8.5 million pounds of coal from being burned by Earth Day 2019. For a limited time, we’re offering a smart light kit for every new member who signs up with Inspire.

Want to learn more about our pledge and how you can help us get there?


Survey Methodology: This study was commissioned by Inspire and delivered by SurveyMonkey. Results derived from an online survey instrument with 16 questions, fielded March 28-April 5, 2018. Overall margin of error was ±4.1%.

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