You Have the Power to Save the Planet

Summer may be over, but the planet is still getting warmer


It’s time to start putting away our summer gear and breaking out the winter wear. As the leaves start to fall, and we take comfort in autumn traditions like Halloween and Thanksgiving, we can easily forget that recent climate patterns are anything but traditional. This summer, we’ve seen Alaska experience one of the hottest days on record and Americans displaced by devastating hurricanes. There is no denying that we are already feeling the effects of climate change. The real question is whether there is anything we can do about it?

Our daily choices matter

Where we live and how we shop have a tremendous effect on the resources we require in our daily lives. When we choose the types of cars we drive, the appliances we buy, and the energy we use to power our homes, we are making decisions that can impact our climate. Simply increasing our awareness of this can help us make smarter decisions every day.

At Inspire, we’ve set out to tackle the global issue of climate change. We’ve made some incredible strides since our start in 2014 and we’re on the right path by simplifying consumer adoption of clean energy and smart home technologies. Our mission statement is written on our office walls and our impact numbers are often used as a cheer – reiterated in company meetings to keep us motivated.

Our clean energy purchases equate to powering 529 wind turbines for a year, taking 456,453 cars off the road for one year, and providing 20,000 students with electricity worldwide.

Tackling climate change means standing with mission-driven companies


These impact numbers constantly remind us of the power of the collective in achieving the unimaginable. A sure way to grow our impact is to enlarge that collective — to truly inspire a connected movement — which is why we’ve united with like-minded members and industry peers.

This month we joined forces with Lime e-scooters and the city of Washington D.C. to heighten our influence in the sustainability space and ultimately accelerate our mission.

As a world leader in sustainable transportation, Lime aims to “leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.” One of the company’s main hubs is Washington D.C., where Mayor Muriel Bowser recently announced the city’s commitment to 100% renewables by 2032.

By expanding access to renewables in the D.C. area, Inspire’s clean energy plans will allow Lime’s juicers to match their juicing activity with 100% clean power.

“Lime has completely changed the way we move through our cities by creating an accessible, user-friendly network for transportation,” said Patrick Maloney, CEO of Inspire. “Today’s consumers are passionate and savvy about how their behaviors impact the environment – we’re proud to offer a service that makes it easy to choose sustainable energy to power their lives.”

Inspire and Lime’s use of technology as a force for good evidently seats this duo as a perfect match and brings awareness to the simple decisions anyone can make to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.