Ask an Avenger: How Inspire's Acquisition Channel Manager ‘Owns It'

A Q&A session with our Acquisition Channel Manager about teamwork, tackling new projects, and what ‘Own It’ means to her

Anya Gosine, our Acquisition Channel Manager, was recently recognized as Avenger of the Month for our “Own It” value.

Own It:
Avengers are accountable. We always act in the best interest of our business. We don’t need to be told what to do. When we experience setbacks, we dig in harder and rally the team. We rise above politics. We don’t make excuses or place blame. We never say, “that’s not my job."

Anya has managed an array of projects from launching and running multi-channel acquisition marketing campaigns to company competitions and outings. No matter the size of the task, Anya is always prepared to own it. We sat down with her to discuss what ownership, teamwork, and working at Inspire means to her:

Q: What were you looking for when you found Inspire, and how has working here compared to your initial expectations?

Before I found Inspire, I was still a recent grad from UCLA, and I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for in terms of a title or job description. However, I knew that I wanted a job where I could explore a new field, build new skills, and have the opportunity to grow. I also wanted to work for an organization that had a mission that I was passionate about because I studied environmental studies and related subjects in school. When I found Inspire, it was all that I was looking for and the mission alignment felt like a true bonus. Inspire does a really good job of portraying itself as a great place to work and so I honestly had high expectations going in. I expected for it to be a place where I could grow and have ownership over things — and it absolutely was. You could say Inspire knocked it out of the park for me.

Q: So you won Avenger of the Month for “Own It” What does this value mean to you?

‘Owning it’ for me is overcoming uncertainties towards an unfamiliar subject and diving into it. It means being accountable for everything along the way; the mistakes, the learnings, and the successes. What was most interesting to me about this value as I reflected on it, is that the notion of “owning it” implies a lot of independence. However, it’s a strong team that gets you into the ownership mentality. Having team members who coach and support me has been integral to my success. Whenever I’m “owning” something, I don't feel like I’m working alone and I think that’s been most interesting to me.


Q: What’s been your favorite project to own?

My favorite project to own has been the Refer a Friend reboot. This project has been my favorite because it requires a ton of cross-functional work and we are doing something that hasn’t been done at the business before. I am one of the project managers, so I've been learning a lot in terms of how to speak the language of other departments ranging from tech, to operations, to customer service. It's really fun being collaborative with the other project managers, and we’ve been able to empower and push each other in our specific skill sets to get things done.


Q: What was the most intimidating but rewarding project to own?

The most intimidating but rewarding project I have owned was managing our direct mail channel. This is another example where at our organization, no one was a particular expert in it so it's something else that had a lot of unknowns. It gave me the opportunity to rise to the occasion on something really complicated. It’s been the most challenging but rewarding project because after taking on this challenge, we have been able to see tangible success from it.

Building a team of people that can balance ownership and teamwork has been an essential part of Inspire’s culture. As Anya said, “Owning It” is not just about doing things alone, it’s about having a team behind you that can support and coach you into confidently taking on a leadership role. We’re committed to building a workplace that inspires all Avengers to embrace the challenge, take accountability, and be recognized for all successes, large and small. To join our Inspire family, check out our open positions here.