Ask an Avenger: How Inspire's Creative Director ‘Lives It’

A Q&A session about passion, purpose, and all things Inspire

Recently, Inspire was named one of Fortune’s Best Place to Work for Small Businesses in 2017. Since our own employees best explain what makes Inspire a great place to work, we’re releasing a new Q&A series, ‘Ask an Avenger’ that explores our culture and the Avengers who make it all possible.

As Avengers, we live by our four values—Own It, Study It, Coach It, Live It. Our Creative Director, Greg Beck, was recently selected as Avenger of the Month for “Live It.”

Live It
Avengers choose purpose in every aspect of our lives. We believe our mission is urgent. We challenge apathy and are determined to leave a legacy. We commit to driving positive environmental impact in every business decision we make. We are unwavering optimists who believe in the power of our connected movement.

Greg was recognized for truly embodying this value and showing up to work everyday with purpose, drive and commitment. We sat down with Greg to learn more about how he combines passion with purpose, and what our “Live It” value means to him:

Q: You won Avenger of the Month for ‘Live It.’ What does this value mean to you personally?

For me, ‘Live It’ means being passionate about what you’re working on, showing up every day and getting your work done - but not being a drag as you do it. I want the people around me to know that what I work on is exciting, it’s stuff that I like to work on. Hopefully, this influences other folks to work on things that they’re excited about, and we can collaborate on those exciting things. I’m always ‘living it’ and so are the people around me. I just happened to get a few extra votes.

Q: You’re saying exciting a lot. What excites you about working at Inspire?

I’ve been here for almost two years, and we’ve gone through lots of different permutations—we’ve evolved as a business and as a brand, and I think that's the exciting part. Our team has grown exponentially, and we’re gaining lots of traction and working on big problems… all of which is exciting! I’m always working on something that is rewarding because I know it benefits the greater good, since it’s progressing renewable energy. We’re working on a product that people can interact with as we move into smart home and smart, energy efficient tech. So, I’m excited about the type of work that we’re working on, and, on a more surface level, I like to design, I like to create things, and that’s what we’re doing right now.

Q: What makes Inspire a unique place to work?

A handful of things really. One is that we’re redefining what renewable energy is, and the relationship people have with renewable energy—which is unique in and of itself. We’re also entering the smart home space with an entirely different approach through clean energy. Trying to merge these two giant categories is extremely unique. And of course, the people and the culture that we have here makes it a great place to work. Inspire is one of the rare companies that I’ve worked at where I enjoy hanging out with everybody and look forward to grabbing a beer after work, or doing something over the weekend with coworkers.

Avengers like Greg, who bring our core values to life—and remind us why we are here and why that’s ‘exciting’,—are what makes this company a best place to work. More soon on our culture, values, and the Avengers who embody them every day.