What is an ‘Avenger’?

Exploring Inspire’s employees, culture & purpose


Inspire is about empowerment. We’re committed to building consumer technology products that empower our members to take ownership of the way that they live. Throughout this creation process, we also strive to empower every employee to bring something unique to the table. We aren’t individual actors; we believe strongly in the power of a team.

We’re driven by a collective desire to create something new. We’re willing to test and learn. But most importantly, we’re willing to check egos at the door and listen to what our customers really care about. The process of building something new requires an infusion of personalities, experiences, backgrounds, and stories. When you join Inspire, you’re not just an employee—you’re an Avenger.

So what exactly is an Avenger? An Avenger is an employee that lives by five simple principles: Own It, Study It, Coach It, Live It, Crush It.

  1. We Own It by being accountable. We always act in the best interest of our business. We don’t need to be told what to do. When we experience setbacks, we dig in harder and rally the team. We rise above politics. We don’t make excuses or place blame. We never say, “that’s not my job.”

  2. We Study It by being relentlessly curious. We are never done growing. We seek to improve ourselves everyday. We are humble in acknowledging what we don’t know. We are always testing and learning. We look for new ideas everywhere.

  3. We Coach It by lighting a fire within others, not under them. As coaches, we expect our teams to push the limits of possibility and performance. We give timely, direct feedback. We foster trust by getting to know each other as individuals

  4. We Live It by choosing purpose in every aspect of our lives. We believe our mission is urgent. We challenge apathy and are determined to leave a legacy. We commit to driving positive environmental impact in every business decision we make. We are unwavering optimists who believe in the power of our connected movement.

  5. We Crush It by having a strong bias towards action. We realize that high performance takes grit and commitment. We are willing to fail in pursuit of audacious goals. We never compromise high standards for the sake of keeping the peace. We are one team. We are determined to win.

We also asked some of our very own to define it:

Nataliya (Sr. Accountant):

Being an Avenger means having the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most intelligent, bright, dedicated and purpose-driven individuals in the industry. Together, you get to address real-time problems that truly matter and find solutions that make our world a better place.

Open positions in Finance:
Payroll Manager
Santa Monica or Philadelphia

Casey (Associate, Sustainability Marketing):

Being an Avenger means that I come to work everyday with a sense of purpose. I see the positive impact I have on the world and help to create a brighter energy future. It means that I get to work with truly amazing individuals, who inspire me to always be my best self. It means family.

Open positions in Marketing:
Head of Marketing
Santa Monica
Sr. Product Designer
Santa Monica

Zac (SVP, Sales & Member Experience):

Being an avenger gives me a sense of responsibility—to our mission and my fellow Avengers—to bring my best everyday to our relentless pursuit of positive impact. That spirit is what being an avenger is all about, and makes Inspire an amazing place. I have no doubt this is an experience that will forever shape my life. It’s an honor to be part of this community of people at Inspire today, just four or so years after Inspire was nothing more than a vision for a brighter future.

Open positions in Sales and Member Experience:
Member Experience Specialist
Inside Sales Specialist
Santa Monica or Philadelphia
Director, Sales Quality & Training
Santa Monica or Philadelphia
Manager, Member Experience
Santa Monica
Business Development Manager
Retail Sales Ambassador
Event Brand Ambassador

Lucy (Designer):

Our collective growth mindset here at Inspire is what I value most about being an Avenger. Each person here is incredibly passionate not only about our shared mission but about coaching each other through personal growth. I’ve never been involved with a more driven, supportive, and most importantly fun group of individuals and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!

Zach (Sr. Manager, Commercial Strategy):

To me, being an Avenger means proving that it's possible to work hard and grow, make an impact on the world, AND have fun all at the same time. It's the rare place where you can manifest multiple professional and personal desires all at once -- where your personal "weird" is an asset to the company and the culture...a superpower of sorts.

Meghan (Senior Operations Analyst):

To me, being an Avenger at Inspire means being part of a team that fosters personal growth, creativity, and communication. The problems we are trying to solve aren't easy, and it’s reassuring to know that we, as a team, are ready and eager to support one another. We want to see each other succeed and we celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small.

Open positions in Technology and Operations:
Data Engineer
Santa Monica
Sr. Analyst, Business Analytics
Santa Monica

Our culture is deeply ingrained with our purpose and mission. Avengers are proud to be a certified B Corp, where together with a diverse community of over 2,200 organizations across 150 industries, we’re redefining what success means in business. And as Avengers, we live what we represent. Through our nonprofit organization, Do The Bright Thing, our own Avengers are helping to train and mentor our next generation of leaders in sustainability. We also prioritize giving back to local communities, whether it’s through our own non-profit, or taking the time to teach girls to code and participating in beach and park cleanups.

Inspire’s culture is about us all.


We believe it’s important that we stand up for the things that drive us, our mission and our values. Every day, we hope to go out and positively impact our world. It’s because of this that we recently became one of Fortune’s 50 Best Places to Work for Small Businesses.

Interested in learning more about Inspire’s culture and our Avengers? Stay tuned, we’ll be diving into each of our core values and sharing stories about the Avengers who embody them in their everyday work. In the meantime, keep up with us @heyinspire on Instagram, and if you’re feeling like an Avenger yourself, apply for one of our open positions!