Make saving energy in your home become second nature

Home automation is the future of energy conservation. These smart products do the manual steps for you (and sometimes even more) once they've been set up. It’s like having your own personal Jarvis at the ready. See how they can make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to saving on energy bills.

Automated Temperature Control

A key priority of a smart home is automating the temperature control.

Smart thermostats connect to your WiFi network and don’t just track your energy usage, they learn from your individual behavior and know when to adjust the temperature for when you get home from work or a long vacation. It saves energy and gives you less things to mentally check off as you prepare for the day.

Nest is the prime example of learning thermostats; all it needs is a week of use and it will take the lead afterwards. Other makers like Ecobee incorporate weather tracking of your area to adjust the temperature inside accordingly. Additionally, smart smoke detectors like Halo1 are dipping more into disaster prevention by connecting to a highly sophisticated weather radio to alert you of tornados and other extreme weather.

Tado is a smart AC control scheme that is designed to work with any remote control AC unit (ideal for someone who doesn’t have central cooling). It connects to your network but actually controls the AC through infrared. By doing so, it can work with almost any individual unit, including mobile ones. Usage tracking and temperature controls can all be accessed through its accompanying app.

Never Flip off a Switch Again

Do you sit in bed sometimes wondering if you actually turned off the porch light or not?

As good as you probably are about remembering to switch off everything when you leave the room, having this process automated just makes sense. Especially if you're in and out of common rooms a lot, like the kitchen or living room.

Common automatic switch options include simple technology like sensors to tell when someone enters or leaves a room, but other options from makers like Lutron extend its capability to include presetting a desired brightness level for specific rooms. Know you always like to have it dim in the living room for movie and TV watching? This is a good option to consider, especially if you don’t want to mess with a complicated installation process.

What about removing the process of physical interaction entirely? A lot of makers of automatic sensing lights and smart switches are beginning to incorporate the functionality of voice control through the hub of Amazon’s Echo. While some setups are easier than others, it's clear to see the appeal. Don’t want to leave the coziness of your bed to turn off the light after reading? Now you can just say “Alexa, turn the lights off.” See? Laziness can pay off.

Running a Home Made Easy

When it comes to the odds and ends of home management, more automation is always a good thing.

For saving energy specifically, devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo can be paired with a large number of home hub suites so you can control them with your voice instead of just your phone. Additionally, to cut down on waste, the Harmony remote gives you the power to control your TV, sound system, and more with just one universal remote.

To truly experience a virtual butler, Samsung has brought its Smart Family Hub Refrigerator2 to the market. An entirely new category of appliance, it allows you to track when food is about to spoil or when you’re running low on essentials so that you can replenish it yourself. If you live in an area that has grocery delivery, the hub can even order it automatically. Your daily calendar can be checked from the large LCD panel and you can leave notes for family members. With the ability to also play music from the system, the living room is no longer the sole source of entertainment in the house.

The modern home isn't just about saving energy, it's about convenience. It's clear that the future of home automation is looking bright with the amount of technology already available to help you save both time, money, and energy.