Sonos Play 3 Smart Home Speakers Review

The smart speaker for your smart home


Sonos has been redesigning with the way we listen to music in our homes for close to 15 years now. Since the beginning, Sonos has been a pioneer of wireless home audio. Thanks largely to their efforts, quality wireless home audio is ubiquitous in any respectable smart home's living room.

Minimal Design, Minimal Setup

The Sonos middle range Play 3 speaker is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a seamless introduction to this technology.

A single Sonos Play 3 speaker will set you back $299.99 plus tax. When considering the other options on the market, this is a bit pricey. However, the cost of the speaker is worth it for those looking for a quality music experience. The speaker itself comes in two color options - white and black - and has a footprint of 132 x 268 x 160mm. It has a sleek, minimalist feel to it and should fit in with any home decor.

Set-up for a Sonos Play 3 is simple: plug the Sonos into a power source, download the app for your smart device, and choose "set-up new system." Once you have your speaker and app up and running, you can connect to all the major streaming music services as well as your local music library.

The application used to control the Sonos is very user-friendly and intuitive. Volume control and track selection are front and center. You can customize rooms and channels within the interface for easy bookmarking and access to your favorite tunes.

Superior Sound Quality & Functionality

The sound quality of the Sonos play 3 is exceptional.

The speaker itself has three customized drivers with dedicated amplifiers, and the sound quality is calibrated by using a proprietary Sonos technology called "Trueplay". The room that you place your speaker in plays a huge role in the quality of the sound. Trueplay uses information collected via the mobile app to sonically map the room that the speaker will be playing in. Once you've calibrated your speaker - a one-time process that involves you walking around with Trueplay Tuning turned on, the Sonos Play 3 will adjust the sound output to fit your specific room perfectly.

The ability to pair multiple speakers together via the Sonos network allows you to add speakers to a system one at a time. Adding new speakers to an existing system is easy, and you can play different music from different speakers simultaneously.

Worth noting: While the Sonos Play 3 pairs well with your wireless network as well as with streaming music services, integration with other smart devices is still very limited. Sonos has said that they plan to introduce more integrations in 2017.

Bottom line: While a bit pricey, the Sonos Play 3 is a great speaker for anyone who puts a high premium on sound quality and overall user experience.

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