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According to PNAS, nearly 20% of US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from the the energy used by individual households every day. We're here to change that. When you switch to clean energy, you're helping bring those GHG emissions closer to zero.

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We're committed to creating a world where subscribing to a clean energy company is the smart choice. We do this by bringing an exceptional and effortless energy experience to our customers. From finding the right plan for you to supporting you throughout your membership, we're here every step of the way.

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Across the country, people are choosing clean energy for their homes.

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At Inspire, we're not just delivering a clean energy experience — we're creating a clean energy movement. We're committed to increasing access to clean energy with a simple subscription service. That way everyone has the opportunity to help create a greener future for our planet.

We're also committed to improving energy efficiency by incorporating smart technology to help view your impact and monitor energy usage, all while maintaining your home's comfort.

According to the US EIA, over 80% of the energy on the power grid comes from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels. And burning these fossil fuels releases toxic chemicals into the air that harm our environment. By choosing to support clean energy, you help change that.

Inspire purchases renewable energy certificates (RECs) to match the energy your home uses.This increases demand for power generated from renewable sources like wind and solar, which helps fight climate change and create a greener planet for future generations.

Inspire is the only clean energy company that provides US households with access to an unlimited 100% clean energy subscription. You have the power to decide where your energy supply comes from — and when you sign up for an Inspire plan, you'll be supporting the reduction of harmful emissions.


Each customer's energy usage needs are different. Because each home is unique and has a specific energy profile, we recommend our Inspire Unlimited 100% Clean Energy Subscription. This plan allows customers to more easily predict their monthly electricity supply bills by paying one flat price each month.

Inspire coordinates with your utility to ensure a smooth transition with no disruption to your service. Your payment method will depend on your plan.

For our full-bill subscription customers, Inspire will process your monthly utility bill payment using the credit card we have on file.

For all other plans, you will continue to pay your utility each month as you normally do.

You should call your local utility company directly in the event of a power outage. Though Inspire provides your electricity supply, your utility is responsible for delivering your energy and handling any service interruptions.

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