Power a brighter world with clean energy for your home.

Access 100% renewable wind, solar and hydro power for your home at a predictable price with no installations or hidden fees—ever.


20% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from home energy use. With our clean energy plans, you can do 100% better.

100% renewable
Access renewable wind, solar, and hydro energy for 100% of the electricity you use.
100% impactful
One year with Inspire can have a greater impact than 7 years of recycling.
100% predictable
Pay a predictable price for renewable energy. No signup or cancellation fees—ever.
100% easy
Take climate action in minutes with our effortless signup. No installations, no interruptions.

Switch to a 100% renewable energy plan that works for your home—and the planet.


A better world powered by you

The simple act of signing up can have a big impact for your home and our planet. Your membership also benefits populations that have contributed almost nothing to global warming yet are feeling its effects the most.

Inspire members have supported the generation of more than 8,187,899 MWh of clean energy since 2014. That’s enough to power San Francisco for over a year!

See your impact with Inspire

What our members are saying

Excellent customer service. Obviously, the renewable energy source is the main reason for switching, but in the few instances I had questions, Inspire customer service reps were outstanding.
Daniel K.
Youngstown, Ohio
Sustainable energy at a flat amount every month? It's great! I can charge my car without worrying about paying too much. I can rest easy knowing that the energy I'm using to charge my car is sustainable (not to mention the energy driving all of my home electronics and A/C in the summer).
Andrew H.
Denver, Pennsylvania
We love the fact that you have kept the cost down while allowing us to choose clean energy which is better for the environment and the future.
Thomas F.
Scituate, Massachusetts
I just appreciate the fact that in some small way I am helping to help create a clean environment. I am thankful companies like yours exist.
Carole J.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Together we can power a greener future

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