Our beliefs as a sustainable energy company

We need to go further and faster to address the climate crisis and build a world powered by clean, renewable sources.

Sourcing energy from fossil fuels creates pollution, global warming, and all sorts of toxic stuff that harms the planet and our health. Our solution? Decarbonizing the residential energy sector by making clean energy accessible to all.

Our renewable energy vision
We’re on an energy and sustainability journey to make clean energy sources more transparent. We hold ourselves accountable through checks and balances to ensure true access to only 100% clean energy and create direct partnerships with renewable energy generators, whenever possible.

Clean energy standards

Nature made

We support clean energy created by the sun, wind, and water. All of our renewable energy sources are based in the U.S.

Powerful partners

We partner with renewable generation facilities to purchase their electricity whenever possible and pair energy with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) the rest of the time.

Third-party verified

We’ve collaborated with a third-party who has assessed and independently verified that systems and processes are in place to support our clean energy claim.

Carbon offset standards


We support nature-based projects, such as avoided deforestation, that help draw down carbon emissions into the earth where they belong.

High quality

We partner with verified carbon compensation projects that meet the highest environmental standards like the Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard.

Third-party verified

We’re committed to a third-party greenhouse gas assurance annually to ensure our carbon accounting is up to global standards. 

To date, Inspire members have helped avoid over 8.1 billion pounds of carbon emissions (CO2e) from entering Earth’s atmosphere.
That’s like preserving 4+ million acres of U.S. forest for a year (which is 300x the size of Manhattan!)
Going beyond carbon neutral
Our Climate Action!
We’re on a journey to clean up the power grid! That means going beyond avoiding emissions via renewable energy credits and carbon credits. We know our energy services play a role in the broader clean energy transition, so we’re actively looking for ways to more deeply target emission reductions in our value chain such as through locality and supporting generation on dirtier grids.

Our impact report

We do our best to be transparent in how we measure and assess the progress we make toward our mission over time.

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Join us in our mission to power the planet.

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