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We believe businesses need to be going further and faster to address the climate crisis. We're helping to build a world where companies contribute far more to society, the environment, and the global economy than they take from it.

The energy industry remains a crucial contributor to climate change, accounting for more than two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions (source). Yes, we have our work cut out for us. But we believe that together we can—and must—do our part to transition our planet to a clean-energy future. So that's exactly what we're doing...

Our renewable energy vision
We aim to obtain clean, renewable energy in a way that is impactful while still being accessible. That means continuing to find ways to offer clean energy options in proximity to our members, support the development of new and existing renewable generation, and move toward a carbon-free future.

Clean energy standards


We support clean energy created by the sun, wind, and water. All of our renewable energy sources are based in the U.S.

Powerful partners

We partner with renewable generation facilities to purchase their electricity whenever possible and pair energy with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) the rest of the time.

Third-party verified

We've collaborated with a third-party who has assessed and independently verified that systems and processes are in place to support our clean energy claim.

Carbon offset standards


We support nature-based offsets, such as avoided deforestation projects, that help draw down carbon emissions into the Earth where it belongs.

High quality

We partner with verified offset projects that meet the highest environmental standards like the Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard.

Independently audited

We’re committed to a third-party assessment and independent verification at the close of our first year of operation.

To date, Inspire members have helped avoid over 5.6 billion pounds of carbon emissions (CO2e) from entering the Earth’s atmosphere.
That’s equivalent to the impact of 3+ million acres of U.S. forest preserved for one year (that’s 213x the size of Manhattan!)
Hey, guess what? We're...
Carbon Neutral!
In 2021, we achieved our goal of becoming a carbon neutral business for our operational footprint. That means we measure our annual footprint, reduce where we can, and then offset the rest. Of course, we know that neutral is no longer enough—which is why we have lots in the works coming soon!

Our impact report

We believe in progress over perfection. That's why we're transparent in how we measure and assess the progress we make toward our mission over time.

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