Clean Energy

Reduce your carbon footprint with a 100% clean energy plan.

With no installations or upfront costs, it’s never been easier to support a more sustainable future for our planet.

Here’s what you’ll get

Access to 100% U.S.-made renewable wind, solar or hydro energy for your home
Environmental impact equivalent to 7x that of recycling over the course of just one year
Peace of mind that comes with predictable pricing for your energy supply

How it works

On average, 93% of the energy used in the home comes from fossil fuels

. Our solution is to make sure 100% of the electricity you use is matched with 100% clean energy. Best of all, we do all the work — you just need to sign up.

Sign up in minutes
All you need is a utility bill to look up your account number.
We’ll switch your supply
We work with your utility to switch your current supply to our 100% clean energy plan without any interruptions.
One utility bill
You’ll receive one consolidated bill from your utility, and you’ll see Inspire listed as your electricity supplier.

Here’s the impact you can make

Within a year you could be putting some big numbers on your impact board.
the impact of recycling for a whole year
the impact of biking to work every weekday
the impact of eating vegetarian for a year
the impact of switching to a hybrid vehicle
Your impact with Inspire

Your clean energy plan provides a year of clean energy solutions to one person in critical need for each year you’re with us.

Renewable energy 101


Solar radiation is emitted by the sun. These sun rays are captured by technology (think: solar panels) and turned into electricity which is then added to the grid.
Sign up now and make a difference


Wind turbines harness the natural power of the wind to create electricity. When the wind reaches turbine blades, they rotate, which causes an internal generator to turn and produce electricity.
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Hydroelectric systems use the power of flowing water to generate electricity. As water flows from higher to lower elevations, the water spins generators, converting energy from water to electricity.
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Unpacking the grid

Ah, the grid. That's where all the electricity goes so that it can be delivered to your home (and pretty much anywhere else).

The grid doesn't care how the energy it carries was made. Clean, dirty — it's all the same to the grid.

By switching to Inspire Clean Energy, you are increasing the demand for renewable energy and putting more clean energy on the grid to support a healthier planet for all.

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