$100 Off Affiliate Offer Promotion Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 2022-07-28

Following your enrollment in an eligible service offered by Inspire, you may redeem a $100 "Sign Up Bonus" after you complete 3 full months of electricity supply service with Inspire. Your ability to redeem this Promotion is subject to the Electricity Sales Agreement, Promotion Terms, and the following terms. This Promotion is subject to expire any time at Inspire's discretion.

You are eligible for this Promotion only if: (i) Inspire is able to provide electricity supply service to your service address; (ii) you are a new Inspire customer (i.e., you have not previously subscribed to any Inspire service); (iii) you are enrolled in an Inspire subscription or fixed-rate plan for electricity supply services; (iv) you are a residential or small commercial Inspire customer; and (v) your utility company accepts your enrollment with Inspire.

To be able to redeem this Promotion, you must maintain an active account with Inspire for at least 3 full calendar months pursuant to the Electricity Sales Agreement. An active account is an account (i) that is billing more than $0 per month for Inspire electricity supply service; and (ii) for which Inspire has not received a request to discontinue (drop) service or change programs. Any cancellations or rescissions of your Inspire service or the Electricity Sales Agreement prior to your completing 3 full month(s) of electricity supply service with Inspire voids this Promotion and your eligibility in this Promotion.

If you meet the Promotion requirements, Inspire will send notice to you that your Sign Up Bonus is available for redemption. You agree that such notices may be sent by any means Inspire deems appropriate, including by email. You must follow the instructions in the notice in order to redeem the Sign Up Bonus. Upon Inspire’s request, you agree to provide within a time period stated by Inspire a copy of your bill or invoice or any other information Inspire may request to facilitate redemption under this Promotion; Inspire is not obligated to provide any benefit or honor this Promotion if you fail to timely provide Inspire with any information it may request. Once the Sign Up Bonus is redeemed, it may take several weeks for the Sign Up Bonus to be processed and delivered to you. Redemption and fulfillment under this Promotion may be completed by any means Inspire deems appropriate, including by check (to be mailed to the address Inspire has on record for your account) or through use of a third-party provider with a promotional, award, or loyalty gift card subject to an expiration date.

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