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Imagine a future where all people, everywhere, can access and benefit from clean energy. That's the future that inspires us. And that's the future that we want to create together with our members.

Climate change doesn't affect all communities equally.

Wildfires, heatwaves, floods. We see the effects of climate change almost daily in the United States. But what we don’t always see is the impact that climate change has on vulnerable communities worldwide. People in countries that have contributed almost nothing to global warming often feel its effects the most. And things will likely get worse. Climate change could push another 100 million people below the poverty line by 2030.

The Brighter World Project

For every year that you are an Inspire member, we provide clean energy solutions to one person in critical need for one year.
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A powerful partnership

We’ve teamed up with GivePower, a non-profit dedicated to providing clean energy solutions to those who have been disproportionately affected by climate change in the developing world.

Powered by necessity

Our clean energy solutions support basic human needs – like clean drinking water – that people in these communities might not otherwise have access to.

Powering a brighter future

By using clean energy to help power the developing world, we can also eliminate the need for fossil fuels by supporting renewable energy and avoiding carbon emissions.

Power for change

Over the next two years, we plan to donate over $500,000 to GivePower to extend our mission globally.

Communities we’ve supported

Our relationship with GivePower began way back in 2018 and has since evolved into the Brighter World Project. Thanks to the volunteerism of our employees, we’re powering communities worldwide from Nepal to Columbia with clean energy for years to come. And we’re just getting started.


kW* clean energy generated


people supported


communities supported

Ishotshimana, Columbia

In partnership with GivePower, we installed 2.3kW of solar energy onto a community school in Colombia. With the solar lighting, the school now has access to basic lighting and can also power a freezer for food storage. In addition to food storage, the freezer also creates ice sold in the community, supplying the school with additional funding sources


kWh clean energy generated


people impacted


community supported

Ramche, Nepal

Ramche is a small village located in the rural parts of the Himalayas. In partnership with GivePower, we installed solar energy on the community's health clinic and a backup system for the local school. The health clinic can now run the emergency ward and childbirth center 24 hours a day and access biomedical health equipment.


kWh clean energy generated


people impacted


community supported

Jhagarebesi, Nepal

A water pump powered by solar energy was installed to move water uphill to the village of Jhagarebasi. Before the water pump, the community moved water manually for domestic use and irrigation from the river below. Thanks to the clean energy water pump installation, the community can now spend less time irrigating crops and gathering water.


kWh clean energy generated


people impacted


community supported

Inspire in action

Mission immersions

Our team of epic climate activists travels alongside GivePower to install solar power in remote villages worldwide that lack electricity.

Local impact

We partner with local, charitable organizations to address the climate crisis happening in our backyard, whether it's through our employee resource group or our corporate impact.

Other ways to get involved

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