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The social impact of renewable energy

Imagine a future where all people, everywhere, can access and benefit from clean energy. That's the future that inspires us. And that's the future we want to create with our members.

Climate change doesn't affect all communities equally.

Wildfires, heatwaves, floods. We see the effects of climate change almost daily in the United States. But what we don’t always see is the impact that climate change has on vulnerable communities worldwide. People in countries that have contributed almost nothing to global warming often feel its effects the most. And things will likely get worse. Climate change could push another 100 million people below the poverty line by 2030.

The Brighter World Project

For every year that you are an Inspire member, we provide clean energy solutions to one person in critical need for one year.
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A powerful partnership

We’ve teamed up with GivePower, a nonprofit dedicated to providing clean energy solutions to those who have been disproportionately affected by climate change around the world.

Powered by necessity

Our clean energy solutions support basic human needs—like clean drinking water—that people in these communities might not otherwise have access to.

Powering a brighter future

By using clean energy to help power the world, we can also eliminate the need for fossil fuels by supporting renewable energy and avoiding carbon emissions.

Power for change

We aim to support over 5 million lives by 2030 by creating more equitable and inclusive opportunities for all to engage in the clean energy transition.

Communities we’ve supported

Our relationship with GivePower began in 2018 and has since evolved into the Brighter World Project. Thanks to our member community, we’re powering people worldwide with climate solutions and clean energy for years to come.


kW clean energy systems installed


people impacted


communities supported

Kitengela, Kenya

Located 20 miles south of Nairobi, Kitengela forms part of the greater metropolitan region. Due to the area’s swift expansion and rising demand for water, residents have been plagued by price gouging and insufficient access to clean drinking water. Max systems are capable of transforming as much as 70,000 liters of brackish water into clean drinking water every day, which is enough to support 35,000 people per day. Clean drinking water is available for purchase on-site and/or delivered to the community.


kW solar system installed


people impacted


community supported

Ishotshimana, Colombia

In partnership with GivePower, we installed 2.3 kW of solar energy on a community school in Colombia. Thanks to the solar power, the school now has access to basic lighting and can also power a freezer for food storage. In addition to food storage, the freezer creates ice that’s sold in the community, generating additional funding for the school.


kWh clean energy generated


people impacted


community supported

Bhakunde, Nepal

In September, eight Inspire employees teamed up with GivePower to help build a solar power system atop an essential health post in Bhakunde, ensuring it will always have a reliable power source. Intensifying monsoon seasons have led to ongoing power outages that have been especially catastrophic for the health post, where women from the surrounding community rely on electricity during childbirth. Inspire trekkers had the opportunity to witness the direct impact on the community, right before their very eyes.


kW clean energy system installed


people impacted


community supported

Inspire in action

Employee treks

Treks hosted in partnership with GivePower provide our employees a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive into our mission and help create positive social change in communities disproportionately impacted by climate change.

Community giving

Climate injustices happen right here in our own backyard. As a company, we’re doubling down on volunteerism and donations to local grassroots, clean energy, and climate equity nonprofits in the U.S.

Other ways to get involved

Inspire Clean Energy and GivePower Help Nepali Village Harness Solar Power

Inspire Clean Energy employees flew to Nepal to help GivePower install a solar microgrid on a health post in Bhakunde.

Bringing Clean Energy to Remote Parts of the World

Watch a video of our work in Colombia and see how we bring our mission to life.

From Sun to Tap: Inspire and GivePower Make Clean Water More Accessible in Kitengela

Discover how Inspire and GivePower joined forces to create a groundbreaking solar-powered water farm in Kitengela, a town facing severe water scarcity.

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