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Thanks to overwhelming access to free information, becoming a force for positive change has never been easier. Listening to podcasts during your commute to work or while walking your dog is an easy and effective way to better your understanding of climate change, its many complicated consequences, and what you can do to better the overall health of our planet and its inhabitants.

We've rounded up the best podcasts about climate change and sustainable living for your listening pleasure.

1. How to Save a Planet How to Save a Planet makes sustainability and environmental activism feel accessible. It takes big environmental topics and makes them digestible for everyone, not just those with a Ph.D. How to Save a Planet is remarkably informative on broader environmental issues, but its most exciting episodes are niche discussions about topics like kelp farming and the intersectionality of climate change and gender equality.

2. All the Small Things One of the U.K.'s premier slow fashion campaigners, Venetia La Manna, hosts this insightful podcast. In the show, she talks to thought leaders, activists, and other inspiring individuals about sustainable living, ending fast fashion and climate change. La Manna and her guests dissect the many reasons people continue to consume at untenable rates and provide possible solutions that aim to be fully inclusive.

3. Good Together Co-hosts Laura Alexander Wittig and Liza Moiseeva have a shared mission of making sustainable living less elitist. Together, these eco-experts share advice for a zero-waste lifestyle with the belief that it should be simple. Wittig and Moiseeva offer up easy, actionable steps towards sustainable living and debate how changes we make in our daily lives add up big time.

##4. Outrage and Optimism Outrage and Optimism is a newsy and political listen that features expert and activist guests. The podcast's alliterated name neatly summarizes the messy, often overwhelming emotions of climate change and current affairs. Ultimately, this podcast is liable to make you furious, but it's all right to feel angry when there is so much at stake.

5. Emergence Magazine Podcast Emergence Magazine Podcast covers the usual climate emergency issues while thoughtfully spotlighting Indigenous voices. Indigenous communities are affected by climate change at a highly disproportionate rate, so it's crucial that they are allowed to share their experiences and the knowledge they have acquired through generations of self-sustaining land stewardship. Emergence Magazine beautifully tells the stories of Indigenous climate activists leading the charge to save Earth and those marginalized communities that are chiefly impacted.

6. For What It's Earth Co-hosts Emma Brisdion and Lloyd Hopkins interview experts who attempt to simplify the complex web of climate change consequences. For What it's Earth covers many subjects, from insects to green cities, but Emma and Lloyd's discussions make even the most nuanced conversation topics seem easy to understand.

7. Planet A - Talks on Climate Change Dan Jørgensen, Denmark's Minister of Climate, Energy, and Utilities, hosts the Planet A podcast. Here, Jørgensen invites the big wigs to the table to discuss the latest in environmental policy. The guests on Planet A are heavy hitters, including the Executive Director of Greenpeace International, Microsoft's Chief Environmental Officer, Pulitzer Prize winners, and more. These influential individuals bring expert insight to every episode and possible solutions to the planet's biggest climate problems.

8. Make Climate Cool Again "Climate change is scary. But doing something about it is easy," so says the tagline of Make Climate Cool Again, a podcast by RSTR Media. It's a must-listen for consumers and corporations alike, delving into marketing subjects like carbon pricing and greenwashing. The host, Sara Miltenberger, interviews experts from various industries and helps push brands and businesses to start thinking with the environment in mind.

9. Conscious Chatter Kestrel Jenkins hosts Conscious Chatter, a weekly podcast about the ethics of the clothes we wear. After interning for a top B-corp clothing brand in London, Jenkins decided her wardrobe needed to reflect her values. Thus, she created Conscious Chatter to explain that sustainability doesn't mean sacrificing true style. Jenkins discusses conscious consumerism, questions narratives about sustainability, and aims to deconstruct the systems that perpetuate the fashion industry's exploitation.

10. The Wardrobe Crisis Deadstock. Waste colonialism. Fashion inclusivity. If you have no idea what we're talking about, it's time for you to give The Wardrobe Crisis podcast a listen. Informative, influential and insightful, this slow fashion podcast centers designers worldwide who are actively campaigning for a world where we consider more carefully the clothes we put on our backs.

Now that you've got a list of good listens, we implore you to pop your earbuds in. And once you're an avid fan of the podcasts on this list, why not implement a little of what you've learned?

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