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It’s easy to not give your gas and electricity providers a second thought, especially when you pay it like clockwork each month or quarter. But what happens when you are looking to move houses or move to a better area? Things can get more complicated, so we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below:

How do I find out who my energy supplier is?

If you already have an established provider, simply check your bill or checking account to find out which one you currently pay for your energy. Your network operator will also be able to tell you which supplier you are with. If you’re moving, here are a few simple ways to find out who your energy supplier will be.

First, check out your state’s website. They are likely to have a page dedicated to energy and/or utilities that should allow you to search by address to determine who supplies your area.

If you have purchased a new home, it is a good idea to get in contact with your real estate agent to find out which utility providers currently supply the home. If you are moving within, or to, a deregulated state, this gives you time to compare suppliers to ensure that you are getting the best energy rate in your new home.

If you are moving into rented accommodation, especially if utilities are not included in the rental price, it is beneficial to clarify with your new landlord who your suppliers are and if you have any choice in the matter.

Who supplies gas and electricity to my new house?

If you are moving to a new area, your network operator may be different than those for your previous home. The easiest way to find out who supplies your new house with gas and electricity is to check out the website for your city or county who will be able to tell you which network operator(s) supply your new home with gas and electricity.

How do you hook up gas and electricity to a new house?

If you’re moving within the same service area, your existing account can simply be transferred to your new home so you can carry on with the same service.

If you are moving to a new service area you will need to get in contact with the local gas and electricity provider/s to determine what you need to do before hooking up utilities.

Who is my local gas network operator?

Your gas network operator or distributor is the company who runs the gas to your home. In a deregulated state, you can choose a supplier to buy from, but all the gas in your area will be supplied primarily by your network operator. The best way to find out which company is supplying your area is to ask your realtor or go on your city website.

How do I start utilities in a new home?

To start utilities in a new home, you will need to have each utility set up individually. You should start the process of setting up your utilities at least 2 weeks before moving to a new home, although some utility companies will need more time and some less.

If your new utility provider will need to come to your home and set up a service it is best to give them as much notice as you can so that you will have your utilities ready for use as soon as possible.

If you are simply transferring your existing account to your new home, you may find that they don’t need much notice at all, but you should check with your utility company in advance.

When should you contact utilities when moving?

If you are keeping your existing utility provider and simply transferring to your new home this will take very little time at all. You will simply need to contact your provider a week or two before and provide them with your new address and the exact date on which you need the service transferred, i.e. your move-in date.

If you are canceling your utility account to change to a different provider, you should contact them as soon as possible, providing them with the exact date of account closure, to ensure that you will not be paying for utilities at a home you no longer live in.

Be aware that, depending on your provider and your contract, you may have to pay a cancelation fee.

How do I change my gas and electric supplier?

If you live in or are moving to a deregulated state, you will have the option to change your gas and electric supplier, should you wish to look for a lower rate.

Changing your gas and/or electricity supplier will not change how your utilities are delivered, but it does enable you to have more control over how much you pay for your energy.

It also allows you to choose to use sustainable energy to power your home. Many energy providers offer at least one renewable energy plan, but here at Inspire, we provide you with 100% renewable energy at a fixed price for predictable bills and peace of mind that you are doing your part for the planet.

Who is responsible for my gas meter?

In most cases, your network distributor will be responsible for your gas meter or any smart meters you have. For example, if you live in California your gas may be delivered to your home by Southern California Edison, even though you pay Spark Energy. While you pay Spark Energy for your gas, Southern California Edison is responsible for your gas meter. You can always reach out to your supplier if you have a problem and aren’t sure.

How long does it take for electricity to be connected?

Generally, once you’ve spoken to your utility provider and confirmed that you’re ready for it to be turned on, it will take 2-6 hours.

How do I switch utility providers?

Technically, you can’t switch utility providers, since they are the company that ensures gas and/or electricity reaches your home. However, you can switch utility suppliers, if you live in a deregulated state.

There are plenty of tools available to make switching utility suppliers easy. By using a comparison site, like ChooseEnergy, you can quickly look up the suppliers available, along with their plans and rates, simply by entering your ZIP code.

These sites make it easy to compare plans so that you can find one that best matches your energy usage habits. That way, you can ensure that you are getting the best price possible in your area. Just make sure to check the fine print of each plan to identify any extra charges which may make it a more expensive option.

What’s the best gas and electric provider for me?

When you are looking for the best gas and electric provider for you, there are several things that you should consider.

  1. Where the energy comes from: Fossil fuels are becoming a thing of the past as more and more people understand how much they are harming the planet. Most energy providers still use fossil fuels to generate their energy, however, there are green alternatives available at competitive prices. At Inspire we ensure that our energy is 100% renewable so that your home can be supplied with the same electricity in a much more sustainable way.
  2. Energy rates: Take some time to consider how much you have been paying for energy in the past, and how much energy you have been using each month, to calculate an estimate of bills for other providers. This will give you a more accurate idea of the best plan for you.
  3. Customer service: How providers treat their customers is extremely important when choosing a gas or electric supplier. You need to know that, if any problems should arise, your problem will be dealt with quickly and to the highest standard. Simply looking at customer reviews online can help you to determine the reputation of a utility company. You can also read the latest Inspire Energy reviews to see how we've helped customers make the switch.

Knowing who your gas and electricity provider will be when moving to a new area is important for finding out how much your energy bills will change and ensuring that you are not left without power when you move into a new home.

Living in a deregulated state means that you have a choice in who provides utilities to your home and in turn where that energy comes from. Moving to a new home is the perfect opportunity to make the switch to clean, renewable energy with Inspire, to join the fight against global warming, protect the planet for future generations, and support renewable energy infrastructure. It’s fast and easy to sign up – find out more here.

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