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Pennsylvania Renewable Energy Rates

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In many states in the US, consumers are limited to just one electricity provider. There’s no choice; you either sign up with the licensed utility or you don’t get electricity. Not only can this lead to higher prices, but it means that you have no say in how your electricity is generated. If you’re someone who cares about the environment, these states don’t often let you choose a greener energy plan.

Pennsylvania residents don’t have this problem. Like 30 other states across the US, Pennsylvania has a policy of deregulated energy supply, so you can choose which energy company provides your electric power. That means you have the ability to choose a company that sources energy from green, renewable resources, helping you to lower your carbon footprint.

What is Pennsylvania’s largest source of renewable energy?

Pennsylvania is a massive electricity producer, behind only Texas and Florida, in the US. Pennsylvania also provides more power to other states than any other state. Because of its vast coal mines and huge natural gas reserves, the Pennsylvania energy industry matured by producing electricity from fossil fuels. And these sources still play a major part today, along with nuclear power, which contributes nearly 40% of the electricity produced in Pennsylvania.

This means of production is beginning to change as more of an investment is made in renewables. According to the US Energy Information Administration, in 2019, some 4% of electricity produced in the state came from renewable sources1. The bulk of this came from traditional hydroelectric sources, but wind energy is becoming more common and more than a third of the green electricity produced in the state comes from this source. The main concentration of wind farms is in the Appalachians and along the Lake Erie shoreline.

Solar energy produced in the state comes mostly from small-scale photovoltaic panel installations. The Whitetail Solar Project is the state’s largest solar farm and is expanding to 150,000 solar panels to generate 54 megawatts.

The state’s alternative energy portfolio standard (AEPS) requires 18% of the state's electricity to be from sustainable resources. This includes geothermal energy and byproducts of the wood industry.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection website states that clean and renewable sources produce at least 30% of the electricity consumed in state-owned facilities2. This shows the intent of those in government to support clean energy and promote its production and use.

Is Pennsylvania Energy a good company?

Since the market is deregulated, there isn’t a company called “Pennsylvania Energy.” When searching for Pennsylvania Energy, you may come across Pennsylvania Gas & Electric, which, due to its name, seems to be affiliated with the state, but it’s not. The name has led many people to be led astray, and the company has many negative reviews as a result.

How many coal-fired power plants are there in Pennsylvania?

The US Department of Energy lists 36 coal-fired electric power plants in Pennsylvania, which makes up 3% of the country’s total3. Together, they produce 87.1 terawatts (TWh) of electricity annually. A TWh is equal to one trillion watts. This compares with 75.2 TWh from nuclear power, 53.1 TWh from natural gas-fired power plants, and 3.9 TWh from hydro and other renewables. Those figures are the most recent as of 2021, but are from 2014, so it’s likely the renewables number has grown.

Is Pennsylvania a coal state?

Coal has been mined in Pennsylvania for more than 200 years, and in 2018 it was the third-largest producer of coal in the US after Wyoming and West Virginia. Bituminous coal is used both for electricity generation and for the coke needed in the steel production process. In contrast, anthracite, with its higher heat content, is used primarily for space heating.

The coal industry is experiencing a decline, and mines are closing. As more efficient natural gas plants come online and are bolstered by extensive shale drilling operations, coal is becoming a less economical option. The EIA says that coal production for the first eight months of 2020 in Pennsylvania fell by 23% compared to the figures for the same period in 2019.

Much of the bituminous coal used for electricity generation goes elsewhere, with two-thirds being transported around the country to 15 other states. Pennsylvania also sells nearly one-third of its total coal production abroad.

How can I get renewable energy in Pennsylvania?

The process for changing your electricity provider in a deregulated state is straightforward. PennFuture4 and PAPowerSwitch5 are useful tools to help you see all the available choices.

When you’re searching for a new company, make sure they offer you 100% of your energy from renewable sources. Many green energy programs don’t provide 100% of your energy from renewable sources, but our unlimited clean energy plans do.

Where will my renewable energy come from?

The energy you purchase will be sourced from all over the country to support the development of clean resources such as wind and solar power. While we source our energy largely from wind farms, you should do your research and find out what kind of renewable energy sources your plan will provide you access to.

What kind of plan should I choose?

You need to compare rates per kWh and decide whether you want to sign up for fixed or variable rates. Fixed rates are often better because, although variable rates can go down, they can also go up — and fast. Having a fixed-rate contract means no surprises when your bill arrives. Choosing a fixed renewable energy plan is a great way to ensure your bill is the same each month.

Switch to renewable energy in Pennsylvania with Inspire Clean Energy

If you’re passionate about the environment and minimizing your carbon footprint, we’re with you. We’re passionate about reducing and eliminating the harmful effects of global warming and ensuring our planet is protected for future generations.

To make the switch, simply sign up in only a few minutes and we’ll give you a customized flat monthly price for 100% renewable energy. Once you’ve confirmed you want to make the switch, we’ll take care of the details!

We don’t have contracts or fixed terms, and we give you smart tools to help you manage your energy use. Ready to make the switch? Click here to find out more and make the switch to renewable energy today.


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