Sparking Change at Climate Week NYC’s Nest Summit Campus

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Oct 14, 2022

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What do Inspire Clean Energy, Patagonia, and the Lumineers have in common? Hint: It’s not just their cool factor. They all participated in Climate Week NYC’s The Nest Summit Campus September 21-22. Why? Because these three eco-friendly powerhouses care about the climate. A lot.

What Is the Nest Summit Campus?

An official partner of Climate Week NYC, the Nest Summit Campus serves as a collaborative space where hundreds of climate leaders from government entities, big-name brands, the world of academia, and NGOs come together to share best sustainability practices and identify actionable near-term solutions to the climate crisis. In simpler terms: Climate heroes far and wide unite to network, gain knowledge, and advance climate action. 

This year, more than 70 thought leaders took the stage to participate in panel discussions on topics ranging from carbon capture, clean energy, and climate justice to extreme weather, sustainable travel, and businesses driving industry change. 

Speaking of panels…while Patagonia’s representatives were busy discussing the company’s quest to net zero and Lumineers lead vocalist Wesley Schultz used his voice to promote sustainable touring, Inspire’s SVP of Brand Marketing & Communications, Suzanne Seymour, was on a planet-saving mission of her own.

Mission Possible: Influencing Consumer Adoption of Sustainable Solutions 

“Reduce, reuse, recycle.” This mantra is ingrained in us by the time we start preschool. In fact, according to a study conducted by Sustainable Brands, consumers view recycling as the number one most impactful action they can take to combat climate change. 

And for good reason: The three R’s unequivocally have a positive impact on our planet. But what if there was something people could do that had a much greater impact than recycling (and they didn’t even have to get their hands dirty)? As it turns out, there is. Just one year of accessing clean energy is more impactful than seven years of recycling! So why don’t people know this information?

This was the very crux of Suzanne’s mission at this year’s Nest Summit. As she joined fellow panelists from Ecologi and Veris Residential on the main stage for the discussion A Brand’s Role in the Shift to Sustainable Choices for Businesses & Consumers, her focus was on finding a path to influencing consumer adoption of sustainable solutions.

We need to accelerate awareness but also make sure consumers are educated about the value of choosing clean energy.”

Suzanne Seymour, SVP of Brand Marketing & Communications

Her proposal is a two-pronged approach that involves building awareness and creating value. 

“Recycling has been habitualized since we were kids, whereas only about 36 percent of consumers know they have the ability to choose their home energy provider,” Suzanne explains. “That’s why we concentrate on increasing awareness of the monumental impact you can make simply by signing up with Inspire.” 

And, since most consumers are just beginning their sustainability journey and are looking for an easy first step to make a difference, Suzanne emphasizes the importance of meeting people where they are and giving them content that creates an emotional connection. “I can’t think of anything less emotive than electricity,” she says with a laugh. “So how do we take something that people don’t ordinarily think about until it’s time to pay their bill and create connectivity with that customer–and do it in a way that pulls at their heartstrings?”

We want to meet people where they are by ensuring our content is emotive and educational but communicated in a way that demystifies climate change.”

Suzanne Seymour, SVP of Brand Marketing & Communications

To learn more about how Inspire, Ecologi, and Veris Residential aim to advance climate action, watch the full-length video below. 

Until Next Year…

Suzanne was honored to represent Inspire at Climate Week and meet other sustainable brand leaders who are fighting climate change. “If we all work together, we can alter the way consumers think, act, and spend for the better,” she says. 

She’s looking forward to next year’s Nest Summit, but in the meantime, she’ll be busy singing the praises of clean energy from the rooftops…and trying her hardest to capture the hearts and minds of consumers.

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