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All our plans unlock access to 100% renewable wind, solar, and hydro power for your home at a guaranteed price. No installations or hidden fees—ever.*

For Illinois Residents
Pay-Per-Use Plan

Access to renewable power, billed by the kWh

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Predictable rate: Protect yourself from market fluctuations

Access to 100% renewable energy: Help combat climate change from the comfort of your home

Give back: Gifts a year of renewable energy solutions to a person in critical need.

Big impact: 7x more impactful than recycling†

No hidden fees: No sign-up or cancellation fees—ever.

So, what happens next?

Once you sign up, we’ve got you covered! Here’s what to expect as a new Inspire member.

We become your energy supplier

We purchase 100% renewable energy on your behalf and work with your utility to become your energy supplier without interrupting your service.

Same bill, but cleaner

We'll show up as the supplier on your utility bill and ensure your electricity usage is matched with 100% renewable energy.

You make an instant impact

Your home energy plan helps fight climate change and increases the demand for clean energy.

Multiply your impact!

When you join Inspire, we’ll multiply your impact by providing clean energy solutions to one person in critical need.

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