You choose a mobile plan that works for you. Why not do the same with home energy?

Most homes run on dirty energy

Burning fossil fuels pollutes the air, harms our collective health, and causes climate change.

You can switch to a renewable energy company

Choosing a 100% clean energy plan for your home can help fight climate change and reduce air pollution. Don’t worry, your lights will shine just as bright.

It’s an easy first step to climate action

Sign up in minutes and get a guaranteed price for renewable energy supply—without the installations or upfront costs of solar panels.

Clean power for your community, from your community.

When energy goes local, the whole community powers up. Cleaner air, local jobs and a greener grid for all.

A clean energy plan is about more than just powering your home...

It’s about making an impact

Switching to a renewable energy company can be 5x more effective than going vegetarian, 7x more effective than recycling, and 10x more effective than composting over the course of year.¹

It’s about your future health

Air pollution from burning fossil fuels is a leading cause of long-term health issues¹. Transitioning to green energy company will help improve the quality of the air we breathe and protect our health.

It’s about supporting communities in need

When you join Inspire, we’ll double your impact by providing clean energy solutions to one person in critical need.

Ready to make an impact?

Here’s what people think

Excellent customer service. Obviously, the renewable energy source is the main reason for switching, but in the few instances I had questions, Inspire customer service reps were outstanding.

Daniel K.

Youngstown, Ohio

I just appreciate the fact that in some small way I am helping to help create a clean environment. I am thankful companies like yours exist.

Carole J.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

We love the fact that you have kept the cost down while allowing us to choose clean energy which is better for the environment and the future.

Thomas F.

Scituate, Massachusetts

Sustainable energy at a flat amount every month? It's great! I can charge my car without worrying about paying too much. I can rest easy knowing that the energy I'm using to charge my car is sustainable.

Andrew H.

Denver, Pennsylvania

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