Who Are Ohio’s Natural Gas Suppliers & What Are Typical Rates

Who supplies natural gas in Ohio?

There are several natural gas suppliers in Ohio. Among the list of suppliers, four leading suppliers participate in Ohio’s Energy Choice program, including Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dominion East Ohio, Duke Energy Ohio, and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio.

Whether you choose to use natural gas from one of these LDCs (local distribution companies), the government-regulated supplier, or a different private supplier, you will still rely on your current utility company to provide your basic services. No matter who you choose as your supplier, your utility company will be responsible for local distribution through their pipeline system, and all basic services including, hookups, distribution, and addressing safety concerns or service interruptions and repairs. Your utility company will also continue provide your monthly gas bill, however, you will see a line item charge for the natural gas source you are purchasing from.

Here is a quick breakdown of the four main local distribution companies in Ohio1:

  • Columbia Gas of Ohio: Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Columbia Gas of Ohio is a larger company with nearly 1,000 employees. They are fully regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and all state and federal agencies. Their service area includes all of north and south-central Ohio and most of eastern Ohio.
  • Dominion Energy Ohio: Dominion is a large natural gas and utility provider that services not just Ohio but also Idaho, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.
  • Duke Energy Ohio: Duke Energy is one of the largest power holding companies with over 7.8 million customers in 6-states. Their natural gas distribution network services 1.6 million customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. They have also been expanding services into the renewable energy market by investing in large-scale renewable energy projects across the country. They have been in business for over 150-years.
  • Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio: Now part of the Center Point Energy family of companies, is another large-scale energy and natural gas provider spanning multiple states. They are headquartered in Houston, Texas, have over 9,600 employees and have been in business for over 140-years.

Even if you choose to get your natural gas from a supplier other than the four main LDCs discussed above, there is still a pretty good chance that one of these four companies will be responsible for distributing natural gas to your home. They may also be responsible for billing, repairs, and safety concerns. If you should have any concerns about your natural gas pipeline at your home, contact your natural gas supplier directly.

How much does natural gas cost in Ohio?

Natural gas prices are often given in the price per 1-MCF (million cubic feet). The MRR (monthly retail rate) is what non-residential consumers can expect to pay. A utility company will have a rate based on the New York Mercantile Exchange’s month-end settlement price called the Standard Choice Offer. The Standard Choice Offer is a regulated rate charged by participating suppliers. The SCO is used to determine how much residential consumers can expect to pay per “therm” or BTU (British Thermal Unit). The MRR is then the price for large natural gas consumers that are typically non-residential2.

For example, if we look at Dominion Energy Ohio and their natural gas prices for the period of July 13th, 2021 to August 10th, 2021, we can see that their SCO rate is $3.7670 per MCF, while the MRR is at $3.79 per MCF for non-residential consumers purchasing between 200 and 500 MCFs for that period. The price the individual consumer will see then is based on the SCO in Ohio. In the Midwest and the greater East North Central United States, we see an average residential price of $1.049 and $1.069 per therm in June 2021. All prices based on the SCO will fluctuate monthly unless you lock in a rate using a fixed-rate plan.

Dominion Energy Ohio also allows you to choose from several other suppliers different from their Standard Choice Offer. Here is just a quick sample of the MCF prices being offered by those other suppliers for the same period.

  • My Choice Energy LLC: $3.7900 per MCF
  • Nordic Energy Services: $9.2500 per MCF
  • Ohio Gas & Electric: $5.800 per MCF
  • Mercury Energy Ohio LLC: $3.500 per MCF
  • Eligo Energy OH LLC: $1.99 per MCF

Several other suppliers are offering different prices as well. As you can see, if Dominion was your local utility company and you chose them also as your natural gas supplier, you would be paying the Standard Choice Offer of $3.7670 per MCF. Some suppliers are much cheaper with a price of $1.99 per MCF during the same period, but others can be 2 or 3 times the price, topping out at around $9.2500 per MCF3.

What time of year is natural gas cheapest in Ohio?

If you are shopping for natural gas plans and are looking to lock in a rate on a fixed-rate plan, the best times of the year to do this are late spring and early autumn4. These are the times of the year when natural gas consumption is low due to mild weather. People tend to use much more natural gas in the winter and summer months to fuel their home’s HVAC systems. Overall, natural gas prices are affected by supply and demand, and factors such as seasonality and severe weather events are the two most significant influences on natural gas prices.

When shopping for a fixed-rate plan through a supplier in Ohio, make sure you shop in late spring before the AC units start to kick on or in late autumn before people begin using their furnaces. The longer the length of a plan you can commit to, the lower your price may be over time, and the more resilient you are to any future uptick in the natural gas market.

How much is natural gas in Ohio per month?

A unit of measurement used to calculate price and usage for residential natural gas consumption is the therm. The price per therm varies by region and metropolitan area. The average price in the Midwest as of June 2021 is $1.063. Let us say the average home uses 40 therms per month during winter. You can expect your natural gas bill to be somewhere around $42.52 if you lock in the rate from June 20215.

Who supplies natural gas in Columbus, Ohio?

Columbia Gas of Ohio is the largest local distribution company of natural gas in Columbus, Ohio6. They will be who you contact for natural gas hookup and all other essential services. You can choose to go with the rate that is considered their Standard Choice Offer or choose a different supplier on the Ohio energy market.

How much does natural gas cost in Columbus, Ohio?

Yet another unit of measurement used to measure natural gas usage is the CCF. CCF is natural gas measured in units of hundreds of cubic feet. Many utility companies use either CCFs or therms to help you determine your usage and price for natural gas.

Some current prices as of July 29th, 2021, in the Columbus, Ohio area include7:

  • Santana Energy Service: 12 months at $0.3580 per CCF
  • Ohio Natural Gas: 1 month at $0.4990 per CCF
  • XOOM Energy: 12 months at $0.5090 per CCF
  • Energy Harbor: 36 months at $0.5290 per CCF

All of these prices can be locked in for the term periods outlined in their plan details. Since there are currently summer prices when people use natural gas to run their AC units, you may want to consider waiting a few months to autumn to lock in a 12, 24, or 36-month fixed-rate plan for natural gas.

Who supplies natural gas in Cleveland, Ohio?

The leading local distribution company and utility service company for natural gas in the Cleveland area is Dominion Energy8.

How much does natural gas cost in Cleveland, Ohio?

Dominion offers natural gas supplied by many of the same supply companies that Columbus Gas of Ohio uses as well for the Columbus, Ohio region. Dominion Energy uses MCFs to determine natural gas usage and rates for its customers.

Here is a list of some rates currently being offered in the Cleveland area as of July 29th, 2021:

  • Santana Energy Service: 12 months at $2.59 per MCF
  • Ohio Natural Gas: 1 month at $3.99 per MCF
  • XOOM Energy: 12 months at $3.79 per MCF
  • Energy Harbor: 36 months at $3.99 per MCF
  • Energy Harbor: 24 months at $4.09 per MCF

Who has the cheapest natural gas in Ohio?

Natural gas prices fluctuate month-to-month, and different suppliers offer a variety of prices for fixed-rate plans. If you are looking for a new fixed-rate plan for natural gas for home use, you should shop Ohio’s natural gas suppliers side by side to see who can offer the cheapest gas in Ohio.

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